Distance Learning

About Distance Learning

Classes in which 50% or more of the instruction occurs when students and instructors are not in the same place is considered distance learning.

Is Distance Learning for you?

Succeeding in a distance learning course requires a high degree of motivation, excellent time management and computer skills, as well as an independent learning style.  We've put together a list of basic skills you'll need and a self-assessment to help you decide if distance learning is a good fit for you.

Skills & Requirements

Distance Learning Classes

BRCC offers two types of distance learning classes differentiated by the class section number:

  • Courses entirely online (except for one or more proctored assessment) begin with the letter “V” – V01, V02, V35, etc. Example, ITE 119-V01
  • Hybrid courses that meet online more than 50% of the time begin with the letter “H” – H01, H02, H35, etc. Example, ITE 119-H01

Shared Distance Learning Classes

BRCC students may also take shared distance learning courses through Northern Virginia Community College’s Extended Learning Institute (ELI).

Shared DL Classes

Resources for Distance Learning Students

Academic Resources

We've provided a list with brief descriptions and links to academic resources available to you.

Academic Resources

Proctored Assessments

You will be required to take at least one proctored assessment during the semester. 

Proctored Assessments