Clubs & Organizations

Student Government Association

The Student Government Association (SGA) oversees and regulates all official BRCC clubs/organizations and their budgets through the Club Budget Review Committee, which is made up of the Vice President of Finances and Facilities, Dean of Student Services, Student Activities Director, SGA President, SGA Vice President, and two designated club advisors.


Student Clubs & Organizations

How to start a Club

If you are interested in starting a student organization:

  • Submit a Student Organization Form for recognition as an established club to the Student Activities Director, stating the purpose of the organization and its goals.
  • The Student Organization Form MUST be approved by the Student Activities Director prior to official club meetings.
  • In order to be considered an official club receiving local budgeted funding, your club MUST have at least six (6) active members on the roster with Emplid # that are meeting and working on behalf of the club.
  • Every club MUST have a full or part time BRCC faculty or staff as their advisor in order to be recognized as an established club.
  • Every club MUST NOT be in conflict with policies of the college or the constitution of the student body.
  • Every club MUST have a representative from their club participating in the Student Government Association (SGA) meetings.
  • Each club shall either elect or select officers to reside over the club. [ Minimum officers: president or co-presidents, secretary, and treasurer (optional)]
  • Every club MUST be open to all members of the student body, however, BRCC reserves the right to restrict the participation of students who have been convicted of a felony or who are listed on the Sex Offender Registry.
  • NO club or organization can use the name of the college to fundraise without the college’s permission AND permission of the Student Activities Office. The college does not assume responsibility for funds until they are submitted to the business office as an official student organization.

Fundraising Policy