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Success Tips

How to be Successful in an Online Course

  1. Log into Canvas the first day of class, to access the course.
  2. Familiarize yourself with the course layout.
    1. Click on all links to review the course expectations, policies, modules, discussion boards, etc. 
    2. Read and review every section.
  3. Thoroughly read the course syllabus.
    1. Highlight or jot down anything you don’t understand or have questions about. 
  4. Obtain a planner, calendar, or organization tool/app.
    1. Write down dates and times of any required Zoom sessions. If Zoom meetings are optional, write those down as well. You will want to take advantage of them. 
    2. Add all assignment deadlines, dates and times of quizzes and exams, and deadlines for large papers and projects into your planner or calendar. 
    3. Take advantage of Google, Canvas, or other electronic calendars to receive alerts and reminders. 
  5. Contact your instructor with any questions about the syllabus or course expectations.
  6. Block out time in your planner/calendar each week to watch lectures, read required readings, complete assignments/discussion boards, and to study for quizzes/exams.
    1. Ensure that your scheduled study times are consistent each week so that they become part of your routine. 
    2. Take into account your work schedule, family obligations, study environment, and personal preferences (i.e. are you able to focus better in the morning or at night) when creating your weekly schedule. 
  7. Start your assignments early and don’t procrastinate when studying for quizzes/exams.
    1. This allows you time to utilize in-person and online academic support services such as tutoringlibrary services, technology assistance, and success skills. 
  8. Maintain communication with your instructors.
    1. Utilize online office hours. 
    2. Inform instructors of any challenges, questions, or difficulties you might be having.
    3. Read your instructor’s announcements/emails for updates and pertinent information. 
  9. Review the schedule you created on a weekly and monthly basis.
    1. Weekly reviews are important to ensure you are staying on track with weekly readings, assignments, discussion boards, and/or quizzes.
    2. Monthly reviews are important to remain aware of deadlines for large papers, assignments, or exams.
  10. Self-care is important. Reward yourself for the self-discipline and drive you’ve displayed by setting yourself up for success from the first day of class.

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