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Adekunle, Olugbemiga
Assistant Professor
Computer Science
Contact: (540) 453-2585 •
Office: D116

Alger, Linda
Assistant Professor
Contact: (540) 453-2253 •
Office: J131C

Alt, Ellyn
SACS Assistant
VP Instruction & Student Services
Contact: (540) 453-2509 •
Office: C108C

Andes-Tucker, Colleen
Financial Services
Contact: (540) 453-2313 •
Office: G105C

Annan, Sasha
Contact: (540) 453-2584 •
Office: F106I

Asbury, Elliott J.
Project Manager/Help Desk Supervisor
Technology Services
Contact: (540) 453-2525 •
Office: F111H



Baldygo, Robert S.
Vice President
VP Finance and Administration
Contact: (540) 453-2281 •
Office: Armstrong 108A

Ball, Vicki
Business Manager
Financial Services
Contact: (540) 453-2201 •
Office: G105D

Barker, Cathy
Information Technology Specialist II
Technology Services
Contact: (540) 453-2282 •
Office: F111C

Barr, Jason
Contact: (540) 453-2352 •
Office: V215

Basinger, Miriam
Blackboard Administrator/Student Computer Help Desk Supervisor
Technology Services
Contact: (540) 453-2510 •
Office: F106A

Baylor, Bridget
Public Relations Coordinator
College Communications
Contact: (540) 453-2358 •
Office: Armstrong 108

Bayne, Lesley
Program Manager and Trainer, Computer Applications
Continuing Education
Contact: (540) 453-2504 •
Office: P111B

Beavers, Liz
Ceramics Studio Technician
Contact: (540) 453-2380 •
Office: V115

Beech, Nicole
Financial Aid Advisor
Financial Aid & Scholarships
Contact: (540) 453-2249 •
Office: G109B