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Satisfactory Academic Progress

At the end of each term, students’ SAP is assessed to determine whether they have met the following conditions:

  • Achieved Minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) threshold:
    • 1.5 required for students who have attempted up to 15 credits
    • 1.75 required for students who have attempted 16-30 credits
    • 2.0 required for students who have attempted 31 or more credits
  • Achieved Minimum Completion Rate:
    • Students must complete at least 67% of their courses with a passing grade
    • Grades of F or U, Incomplete (“I” grade) classes, and Withdrawals (“W” grade) classes are not complete
    • The number one reason that students lose their financial aid at BRCC is excessive course withdrawal.
  • Not Exceeded Maximum Timeframe:
    • Total attempted credit hours must not exceed 150% of the credit hours required to complete your academic program.
    • Example: If the total credits in your degree plan are 66, then your 150% max is 99. (66 * 1.5 = 99).
  • Unusual Enrollment History (UEH):
    • Students who have received aid at 3 or more schools in 4 years may be flagged to document progress at each college.

If progress cannot be documented, students in UEH review may be required to complete a SAP appeal.

Consequences of Not Meeting SAP Requirements

  • Warning Semester:
    • Students who do not meet minimum GPA requirements or completion rate will have a warning semester to attempt to improve their records.
    • A student may only have one warning semester in his/her academic career.
    • Students who have violated the 150% regulation will not have a warning semester.
  • Financial Aid Suspension:
    • If you have not met the minimum requirements by the end of your warning semester (or in your first semester after exceeding 150% of your timeframe), your financial aid eligibility will be suspended.
    • Students whose aid is suspended may not receive any federal or state financial aid or BRCC Scholarships, including Federal Student Loans.
  • SAP Appeals:
    • If circumstances beyond your control contributed to your inability to meet SAP requirements, you may appeal for probationary reinstatement of your financial aid.
    • The recommended procedure for students with a GPA or Completion Rate issue is to complete the Student Success Workshop before submitting the appeal form.
    • Students exceeding the 150% Maximum Timeframe may simply complete and submit the SAP Appeal form (below).

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