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Appealing Financial Aid Suspension

Maximum Timeframe Appeals:

If you need to appeal because of exceeding the Maximum Timeframe (150%) for your degree or certificate, this process is not necessary. You may simply complete the SAP Appeal form and submit to the Financial Aid Office.

GPA/Completion Rate Appeals:

Students who have not met the GPA or Completion Rate requirement may work with the Student Success Center to complete the Achieving Success in College workshop* online through Canvas. This workshop is not required, but it is highly recommended. The workshop will help you learn important skills to be more successful in future classes.

These are the recommended steps to complete a SAP Appeal if you are not meeting the GPA or 67% completion rate requirement:

First Appeal – If you are appealing a SAP suspension for the first time:

  • Complete the Achieving Success in College Workshop Please note that you must be logged into Canvas to register (log into MyBRCC, then click the Canvas app, minimize, then click the link above).
  • E-mail Wendy Smith at to let her know you have completed the Student Success Workshop.
  • Ms. Smith will contact you to set up a meeting to work with her or another Student Success Advisor to complete a Personal Learning Contract and the SAP Appeal Form.

Repeat Appeal – If you have appealed in the past and need to submit an appeal for new and different circumstances:

  • E-mail Wendy Smith at and let her know you need to submit a repeat appeal.
  • Wendy will contact you with instructions on the appropriate action to take for your particular circumstance.

* Completion of the workshop does NOT guarantee approval of your SAP appeal; however, students who complete the workshop will have it weighed heavily in their favor as evidence that they intend to make an effort to work toward completion.

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