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Dual Enrollment or AP?

What are the differences between Dual Enrollment and AP (Advanced Placement) courses?


Both Dual Enrollment and AP classes are taught in your high school.


  • Dual Enrollment instructors are BRCC adjunct faculty; minimum requirement of Master’s degree with at least 18 hours in subject taught.
  • AP instructors are high school faculty; requirements vary by school division.


  • Dual Enrollment courses are standard BRCC college courses; curriculum developed by college and faculty.
  • AP courses are college-level courses; curriculum developed by the AP program, school district and teachers.

High School Credits

Both Dual Enrollment and AP classes earn high school credits; given more weight towards GPA (.5 in most schools).

College Credits

  • Dual Enrollment students receive BRCC college credits when they successfully complete the course.
  • AP students receive college credits for AP courses upon admission to a college or university if they took the AP exam and met the scoring requirements set by the college.


  • Dual Enrollment tuition is a designated portion of BRCC’s tuition.
  • AP course fee is set by school district; AP exam fee set by CollegeBoard.

Course Options at Your School

Check with your high school counselor to see what Dual Enrollment and AP courses are offered in your school, as they may change from year to year.

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