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Cybersecurity is one of the fastest growing sectors of the computer industry, and local demand for qualified, skilled workers is growing as well. 

Cybersecurity professionals work in government and industry to keep networks and data safe. Work may include:

  • Monitoring server logs to find attempted intrusions
  • Network Engineer
  • Identify, analyze, and apply policies and procedures to system weaknesses
  • Analyzing threats and vulnerabilities
  • Reviewing log data
  • Protecting against cyber incidents


Adding Cybersecurity training and credentials to your IT job skills qualifies you for more job openings and higher salaries than IT skills alone. BRCC programs help prepare you for entry level jobs as Security Operations Center (SOC) Analyst and Computer Support Specialists.  Additional education and experience would qualify you for higher level positions.

Cybersecurity Careers

Credit Program Options

Credit programs prepare you for the following certifications:

  • CompTIA Network+
  • CompTIA Security+
  • EC-Council CEH

Student Success by Certification

Associate of  Applied Science (A.A.S.) Degree Programs

Career Studies Certificates

Credits earned in certificate programs may be applied to A.A.S. degrees.

Cybersecurity Apprenticeships

The Cybersecurity Apprenticeship Program will be on hold while the program manager is on sabbatical until June of 2023. We will be offering CompTIA Security+ Preparation classes in October of 2022 and March of 2023. Please fill out the form in the link below and our staff will contact you about taking classes!

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For Businesses

BRCC provides cybersecurity education and certification for your current and prospective employees. Thanks to the new Registered Apprenticeship Program for Cybersecurity Technicians, we can train people to fit your workforce needs in a short amount of time! After they start employment, people may continue their education at BRCC to earn career studies certificates and AAS degrees to further enhance their cybersecurity skillset.

Our Workforce & Continuing Education department has grant-funded opportunities to provide your current employees with the certification they need to help keep your business safe from cyber attacks. In 2021, our CompTIA Security+ exam preparation and certification is 66% - 100% grant funded by the state for people who have been domiciled in Virginia for at least one year. Let us be your training partner to help keep your business secure!

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What Local Employers Say

Chiedo John, Founder & CEO, The Chiedo Companies, Harrisonburg, BRCC IST advisory board member:

“This [degree] is a forward-thinking move. Cybersecurity professionals are in-demand and in short supply. This is exactly the type of offering the College should have.” 

Ron Perry, Grep Innovation LLC, Waynesboro, BRCC IST advisory board member:

Every company that uses information needs to be thinking about information security, at every level, every day. All students, whether they are concentrating on Cyber or not, IST or not, need to be introduced to information security as BRCC is doing. BRCC continues to measure industry trends and employers’ needs, looking for ways to improve its programs and opportunities for its graduates.