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Strategic Directions

Strategic Directions Statements 2011-2015

The Strategic Directions statements are, by design, broad and non-prescriptive so that the College has great flexibility to address rapidly changing and often unforeseen needs of the next three years. All College units will use the Strategic Directions as a framework for developing specific goals, objectives, activities, and measures of institutional effectiveness for the day-to-day operation of the College for the next three years and beyond.

The Educational Experience

Blue Ridge Community College will improve, diversify, and expand the educational experience to anticipate the changing needs of our community by:

  1. Strengthening rigorous, challenging, high-quality programs,
  2. Integrating accountability, mutual respect, resilience, integrity, and civic responsibility,
  3. Increasing opportunities for student engagement inside and outside of the classroom,
  4. Broadening access to educational opportunities,
  5. Supporting activities that prepare students for life and work in a global, interconnected, complex world, and
  6. Reinforcing existing relationships and creating new connections with community partners and constituencies.

Campus Culture and Environment

Blue Ridge Community College will create a positive campus culture by:

  1. Promoting connection, participation, and transparency,
  2. Supporting and promoting leadership development for students and employees,
  3. Fostering opportunities for professional growth for all employees,
  4. Creating and maintaining space which is functional, efficient, and conducive to learning,
  5. Providing a safe and attractive environment with an emphasis on the use of renewable resources.

Student Support

Blue Ridge Community College will support student success by:

  1. Ensuring that students receive responsive and effective assistance and guidance,
  2. Establishing easily accessible common areas for student intellectual, physical, and social engagement and
  3. Reducing financial barriers to student success.

approved by the College Assembly 8/11