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Additional Testing Resources

Alternate Proctor Request

Instructions for Students

BRCC students who want to have a BRCC test/exam proctored at another school or agency must:

  • Notify their BRCC instructor that they plan to test elsewhere and provide the name of the school or agency where the test will be proctored.
  • Complete the Student Information, Course Information, and Faculty Information sections of the Alternate Proctor Request Form. (Complete a separate form for each course.)
  • Send the completed first page to the Alternate Proctor. The Alternate Proctor should fill out, sign and date all Proctor sections and return to the student.
  • After receiving the filled form back from the Alternate Proctor, please forward the form to the faculty member.
  • Follow the proctoring school or agency’s timeline and process for submitting the completed request form. (Do not send the form to BRCC’s Testing Center.)
  • Know whether a proctor fee will be assessed.

Instructions for Faculty

BRCC instructors who approve a student’s choice of an alternate proctor should:

  • Review the completed Alternate Proctor Request Form
  • Follow the alternate proctor’s process/timeline to submit test information and materials directly to the proctor (not BRCC’s Testing Center).
  • Provide identical test conditions/parameters as those used for students taking the same test in BRCC’s Testing Center.
    • Include details such as:
      • location of online test
      • use of lockdown browser
      • open/close dates
      • time limit
      • use of open book/notes
      • use and type of calculator
      • use of scratch paper (and whether to return or shred it)
      • permission for restroom break(s)
      • delivery mode for returning completed paper tests

Proctored Tests

Proctored tests are any tests that are administered for courses taken at BRCC or from other higher education institutions and outside organizations.

All tests are taken in the testing center during the allotted dates and times determined by the instructor. 


No fee for BRCC or VCCS students. Please contact the center about proctoring fees for non-VCCS schools and agencies.

What to Bring

  • Photo I.D.
  • Cell phone or smart watch for online test login

Examity Student Guide

Examity is a remote proctoring service that offers live proctoring through the use of a webcam and microphone. Students are responsible for paying for Examity’s live proctoring service with a credit card at the time of scheduling. Proctoring is $12 for the first hour, and $6 for each additional hour. Students must pay for the full scheduled time, whether it is used or not.

Students are encouraged to schedule an exam at least 2 weeks in advance in order to ensure a convenient testing time and to avoid extra fees. Exams scheduled within 24 hours or schedule changes (including cancellations) within 24 hours will result in a $5.00 charge per occurrence. “No shows” or incompletes will be charged in full.

Click on the Examity link in Canvas and follow the instructions on the Test-taker Guide  and the Test-taker video to create a profile and schedule an exam. Please note that exams must be taken by the due date set by the instructor.  

On exam day:

  • Ensure the webcam and microphone are properly working prior to taking the exam, since both will stay on throughout the entire exam.  
  • Use the Google Chrome browser to login to Canvas and click on the Examity link.
  • Have a valid photo ID ready.
  • Be prepared to show the live proctor the testing area prior to taking the test.

Please see the Examity Troubleshooting Guide for solutions to technical issues.

Test Accommodations

If you have a disability or temporary disabling condition that prevents you from taking the test under standard conditions, contact the Student Accessibility Coordinator.

Requests for testing accommodations, including qualifying documentation to support the request, must be received five (5) business days before the scheduled testing session.

Student Accessibility Coordinator

(540) 453-2559
VA Relay 711


Testing Center
(540) 453-2250
CEEB Code #5083


Get in Touch

Please complete the form, we are here to help.

(540) 234-9261
Box 80, One College Lane
Weyers Cave, Virginia 24486

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