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Accessibility Services

Student Accessibility Services at BRCC

Accessibility FAQs

  • I am a parent or guardian. Can I set up accommodations on behalf of my child?
    • No.  While parents or guardians are welcome to attend the intake meeting, the student must be present and give permission for their parents or guardians to attend.
  • How are college accommodations different from my IEP or 504?
    • In Kindergarten through High School, the schools are responsible for identifying and testing students with disabilities.  In college, students must self-identify, make their own arrangements, and pay for testing if needed themselves.
  • Do my accommodations transfer from Highschool to College, or between colleges?
    • No.  Accommodations do not automatically transfer.   It is the student’s responsibility to notify the Office of Student Accessibility of their need for accommodations at each institution.
  • Will I receive the same accommodations in College that I received in Highschool?
    • It depends on the accommodation. In college, accommodations include services that give the student equal access to educational resources.  Success is entirely up to the student, and tools such as success advising and tutoring are available to all students.  It is the student’s responsibility to seek out and utilize these services.
  • Is this accommodation available in College?
    • Reduced assignments (submitting less work than required) – No.  Students are expected to complete all of the assignments.
    • Grading Modifications – No.  Students are graded on the same scale as all other students
    • Repeating tests or assignments for a better grade – No, unless the instructor has provided this option to all students in the class.
    • Extended time for assignments – Yes, but on a very limited basis. Not all assignments can be extended, and what can be extended and the time frame can vary from course to course.  Students are required to request extended deadlines from their instructor prior to the due dates.  An assignment that is not submitted by the new deadline is subject to any penalties the instructor may impose, including a 0 for the assignment.
    • Screenreader/ audio books – Yes.  Screenreading software is available and we can provide digital copies of textbooks if digital copies are not already available for rent or purchase. 
    • Extended time for tests – Yes.  Students should notify their instructor 2 business days prior to the test to ensure time will be extended.
    • Quiet/ Separate testing space – Yes.  Separate testing spaces must be reserved through The Office of Student Accessibility at least 2 business days prior to each test, and the student must also notify their instructor 2 business days prior to the test. 
    • This is not an exhaustive list of all accommodations.  During the intake meeting the student will have the opportunity to discuss their challenges, previous accommodations, and how their accommodations have helped them to create an individualized accommodations plan.
  • When should I request accommodations?
    • Accommodations can be requested at any point during the semester, however they are not retroactive.  Students should complete the intake and submit documentation as soon as possible so that accommodations can be arranged by the beginning of the semester.
  • What documentation do I need?

Assistive Technology Lab

The following assistive technology is available by appointment:

  • Audio digital recorders – Record lectures for playback on the device or transfer to a computer.
  • Dragon Naturally Speaking – Coverts spoken words into text and lets you operate a computer hands-free.
  • Zoom Text – Magnification and screen reading software for people who are visually impaired.
  • Livescribe Smartpens – Synchronizes spoken lecture in audio form with written notes in video form to replay the classroom experience at a later time.
  • Jaws – Screen reading software with keystroke navigation.

Campus Resources

You may also find these BRCC services and resources helpful.

Shuttle Service

Shuttle service is available to and from the Weyers Cave campus. The North Shuttle serves the Harrisonburg area and the South Shuttle services the Staunton area. Shuttle service is free to students with a valid BRCC ID card.

Tutoring Services

Free tutoring services are available to BRCC students:

Evaluation Information

  • BRCC Accessibility Services does not administer evaluations. If you need to be evaluated for a learning disability, you will need to utilize an outside resource. Here is a link for a JMU evaluation resource:

Interprofessional Services for Learning Assessment (ISLA)
Phone: 540-568-1735

  • If you need to secure documentation for other types of disabilities please consult with your physician, psychologist / psychiatrist, audiologist, ophthalmologist, etc.

Service Dog Guidelines

Blue Ridge Community College, in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), does not exclude service dogs from college facilities or activities.

To work on campus, a service dog must be specifically trained to perform a service function. If an animal meets this definition, it is considered a service animal, regardless of whether it has been licensed or certified by a state or local government or a training program. Service animals whose behavior poses a direct threat to the health or safety of others or are disruptive to the campus community may be excluded, regardless of training or certification.

Animals Not Permitted

Companion animals are pets that afford some comfort and security to an individual. These animals are not trained to perform a specific task for an individual. 

Therapy animals are owned by a licensed therapist and are used as a part of the therapist’s work with individual clients. 

These animals do not act in a way that is different from a pet and therefore the campus policy regarding pets should be followed. Thus therapy and companion animals are not permitted on the college campus. 

Student Responsibilities

  • The student must follow all ADA guidelines.
  • Students using a service animal in their classrooms should contact Disability Services before the semester begins so it can be noted in their Letter of Accommodation.
  • The animal should be in good health with current records of all appropriate vaccinations.
  • The student is responsible for general hygiene of the animal and when possible, for cleaning up after it.
  • Students using service dogs are responsible for any damages to property caused by the animal.
  • The student must be in full control of the animal at all times.


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