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Get Skilled, Get a Job, Get Ahead

On July 1, 2021, BRCC is launching a training and education program for students with a family income of less than $100,000 to help them prepare for good careers and open jobs in Virginia.*

* Estimated income threshold for a family of 4. For eligibility requirements for your family, click here.

These programs are designed to fit around the busy schedules of working students. Each program has three levels that build on each other. After each level, you earn a certification that can lead to a job. This means students can take breaks in between trainings without losing progress along the way to an associate degree.

G3 program funds make up the difference between what federal or state financial aid pays for and the cost of tuition, fees, and books for the program.

Interested? See the list of eligible programs below and then contact us at butlern@brcc.edu for more information!

Learn about G3 career options from BRCC alums in these videos.

Degrees and Award Programs

AAS - Associate of Applied Science Degree
C - Certificate
CSC - Career Studies Certificate

  • Administration of Justice - AAS
    • Criminal Justice Foundations (CSC)
    • Criminal Justice Advanced (CSC)
  • Advanced Manufacturing Technology - AAS
    • Applied Mechatronics I (CSC) *
    • Applied Manufacturing (CSC)
  • Engineering Technology Specialization - AAS
    • Applied Mechatronics I (CSC) *
    • Applied Manufacturing Technician (CSC)
  • Operations Excellence Specialization- AAS
    • Applied Mechatronics I (CSC) *
    • Applied Manufacturing Processes (CSC)
  • Mechatronics Specialization- AAS
    • Applied Mechatronics I (CSC) *
    • Applied Mechatronics II (CSC)
  • Manufacturing Bio-Technology Specialization-AAS
    • Applied Mechatronics I (CSC) *
    • Applied Manufacturing Biotechnology (CSC)
  • Automotive Maintenance and Repair - AAS
    • Automotive Undercar and HVAC Systems (CSC)
    • Automotive Fuel and Electrical Systems (CSC)
  • Aviation Maintenance Technology - AAS
    • Airframe Maintenance (C)
  • Computer and Electronics Technology - AAS
    • Computer and Electronics I (CSC) *
    • Computer and Electronics II (CSC)
  • Secure Computer Networking Specialization - AAS
    • Computer and Electronics I (CSC) *
    • Secure Computer Networking (CSC)
  • Early Childhood Development (CSC Awards offered at this time)
    • Early Childhood Development I (CSC)
    • Early Childhood Development II (CSC)
  • Emergency Management Services - AAS
    • Advanced Emergency Medical Technician (CSC)
    • Paramedic (C)
  • Engineering Technology - AAS (formerly Mechanical Design Technology)
    • Engineering Assistant (CSC)
    • Senior Engineering Assistant (CSC)
  • Human Services - AAS
    • Human Services I (CSC)
    • Human Services II (CSC)
  • Information Systems Technology - AAS
    • Cybersecurity and Networking Foundations (CSC) *
    • Information Systems Technology (CSC)
  • Cloud Computing Specialization - AAS
    • Cybersecurity and Networking Foundations (CSC) *
    • Cloud Computing (CSC)
  • Cyber Security Specialization - AAS
    • Cybersecurity and Networking Foundations (CSC) *
    • Intermediate Cybersecurity and Networking (CSC)
  • Information Technology for Business Specialization - AAS
    • Cybersecurity and Networking Foundations (CSC) *
    • Information Technology Business (CSC)
  • Nursing – AAS
    • Certified Nurse Aide Bridge (CSC) (NEW)
  • Veterinary Technology - AAS
    • Advanced Veterinary Assistant (CSC) (NEW)

* indicates CSC exists in multiple specializations under specific parent degree

Workforce and Continuing Education

For information about workforce training programs, click here

  • Healthcare
    • Certified Medical Administrative Assistant (CMAA)
    • EKG Technician
    • Certified Nurse Aide
    • Certified Professional Coder
    • Clinical Medical Assistant
    • Medical Assistant
    • Medication Aide
    • Phlebotomy Technician
    • Registered Medical Assistant (RMA)
  • IT and Computing
    • CompTIA Network+
    • CompTIA A+
    • CompTIA Security+
  • Machining
    • Measurement, Materials, and Safety
    • Job Planning, Benchwork & Layout
    • Drill Press Skills I
    • Manual Milling Skills I 
    • Turning Operations: Turning Between Centers
    • Turning Operations: Turning Chucking Skills
    • Grinding Skills I
  • Manufacturing Specialist (MS)
  • Manufacturing Technician (MT1)
  • Remote Pilot Airman
  • Welding
    • Flux Core Arc Welding (FCAW)
    • Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW)
    • Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW)
    • Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW)
  • Heavy Equipment Operations - Level 1 & 2 (Coming Soon!)