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What is the Status of my Financial Aid Application?

Receiving a Response to Your FAFSA

In general, it takes about 3-5 business days for a completed FAFSA to be received by the college. Once we receive your FAFSA, you will receive a communication from our office in the SIS Message Center letting you know your FAFSA has been received and providing some general information. Additionally, you will receive either a message indicating that your financial aid eligibility has been reviewed or that we have placed one or more items on your To Do List. Note for Students Applying for Fall Financial Aid: There is an exception to this timeline between October and February. Each year, the FAFSA for the following academic year opens on October 1 st. However, students who are applying for fall aid generally don’t receive notification about their eligibility until sometime in February.

Submit Any Missing Items

Many students will need to complete additional items before we are able to package their financial aid. If additional items are needed, you will receive one or more items on your To Do List or you will receive a message in the SIS Message Center letting you know what is required. If additional items are required, you will not receive your financial aid package notice until they have been received and processed.

Financial Aid Notification (FAN) Messages or “No Grant” Messages

When no additional items are required, students will receive one of two messages. Students who are eligible to receive grants will receive a FAN (Financial Aid Notification) letting them know their grants have been packaged. It will include directions on how to view the grant awards in SIS and other important information. Students who are not eligible for grants will receive a notice that they are not eligible, with information about requesting student loans and other payment options.

Scholarship Status

Check here for information about checking the status of your Scholarship Application.

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