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Students who believe that they have already met the learning outcomes of a course may contact an advisor or faculty member to seek credit for that course by taking a comprehensive examination if that course applies to the student’s current plan of study. See list below of credit-by-exam examples.  Students seeking credit for a course not listed below can pursue Credit-by-Portfolio.  Students may not petition for Institutional Credit-by-Examination for a particular course if they previously earned a grade (either for credit or audit – A, B, C, D, F, P+, P-, W, or X) in that course, either at BRCC or at another institution.  Credit-by-exam may not transfer to another college or university.  Students who intend to transfer should check with the transfer institution prior to registering for a Credit-by-Exam.

Steps to Petition for Credit-by-Examination

  • The student will meet with an academic advisor or faculty member to discuss the credit-by-examination process and to complete the required online form.
  • The academic advisor or faculty member submits the form to the appropriate academic dean, who approves or disapproves the request. 
  • If approved, the dean forwards the credit-by-examination request to the appropriate faculty member as needed. 
  • The faculty member subsequently contacts the student to arrange the date for the credit-by-examination.
  • After the examination is administered, the faculty member indicates its results to the appropriate academic dean.  Final approval will be considered by the Vice President of Instruction and Student Services.
  • Student is notified via their VCCS email of the results.

Current Credit-by-Exam Opportunities

  • ITN 106 – Microcomputer Operating Systems
  • Any ETR courses
  • ITE 152 (formerly ITE 119) – Introduction to Digital Literacy and Computer Applications
  • ADJ 100 – Survey of Criminal Justice

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