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Veterinary Technology Distance Ed Details

How does the distance education (DE) program operate?

Classes are transmitted directly to students twice weekly for a total of 6 hours/week on average (3 hours per class period, except summer sessions which are 4 hour class periods). Students are required to work in a veterinary hospital a minimum of 20 hours per week as a formal preceptorship for the duration of the three-year program. Students are also required to attend laboratories on the BRCC campus 3 times per semester on average, typically all day on Friday. Applications are due in January each year for the upcoming class.

When do classes meet?

  • Summer 2024 Academic Start – Monday and Wednesday afternoons
  • Summer 2025 Academic Start – Tuesday and Thursday afternoons
  • Summer 2026 Academic Start – Tuesday and Thursday mornings

All students are required to attend laboratories at BRCC as listed above.

What type of student would be successful in the DE program?

A student in the DE program needs to have a solid relationship already established with a veterinary hospital that has a dedicated staff willing to fulfill the responsibilities of a 3-year preceptorship. A DE student needs to be responsible, self-motivated and have an ability to work independently in a rigorous academic environment.

What are the technical standard requirements?

Prospective students wishing to participate will provide documentation of a web camera equipped computer with broadband access at the location they intend to be during the scheduled class times. A live connection with the prospective student using the hardware and connection noted above will be part of the application process.

Does the DE program accept out-of-state students?

The DE program will only admit out-of-state students that are engaged in a preceptorship within the state of Virginia.

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