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Student Expectations

What Students May Expect of Faculty

Read this section to find out more information about what you can expect from your instructors.

Instructors will provide:

1. Opportunities to Learn

  • The course content, learning activities, and teaching strategies that are appropriate for the level and nature of the course.
  • Course and unit learning objectives are clearly stated, measurable, and appropriate for the level and nature of the course.
  • Assignments are clearly defined and measure the course content and unit learning objectives.

2. Professionalism

  • Remain knowledgeable and current in the field of specialization.
  • Arrive at class prepared and on time.
  • Create an open learning environment where students may freely ask questions relevant to the subject matter.
  • Provide an inclusive environment where all students are treated respectfully and courteously.

3. Academic Integrity

  • Expect and enforce academic honesty.
  • Write test questions that are representative of course content and objectives.
  • Grade and return assignments in a timely manner.
  • Grade assignments carefully and objectively by the established criteria set forth in the course syllabus.
  • Provide personal, constructive feedback on assignments.

4. Accessibility

  • Be available and welcoming during scheduled office hours for students to talk to their instructor.
  • Make reasonable accommodations for students with documented disabilities and letters of accommodation.

5. Communication

  • Distribute a syllabus outlining the following:
    • Course description, objectives, and expectations.
    • Course schedule of weekly learning activities including deadlines/due dates of assignments.
    • Late work, attendance, and other important policies that affect student success.
    • A procedure for communicating important class and/or college information.
    • A statement indicating how students should communicate with the instructor.
    • A statement indicating a timeframe for instructor response to student inquiries.

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