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Research Review Committee (RRC) Procedure


The purpose of the BRCC RRC is to review requests for access to BRCC employees and students for the purpose of research and to determine compliance with federal regulations. The members of the BRCC RRC review submitted materials for compliance with federal regulations and provide the College’s Vice President of Instruction and Student Services a recommendation regarding action on the request. Final decision regarding approval is made by the Vice President.

RRC Structure

The College President appoints the five members of the RRC. Of the five members, no less than two members will hold teaching faculty positions and no less than two members will hold administrative faculty positions.

Guidelines and Procedures

  • Investigators seeking RRC approval will submit the RRC submission form along with a copy of the investigator’s research proposal* to the Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness.
  • The RRC will meet within two-weeks from the time of submission.
  • The RRC will review the submitted materials and make a determination regarding the project’s compliance with federal regulations.
  •  If the project is found to not meet federal guidelines, the materials will be returned to the investigator who has the option to revise the proposal and to resubmit.
  • If the project is found to meet federal guidelines, the submitted materials and the RRC summary form will be forwarded to the Vice President of Instruction for a final approval or rejection.
  • BRCC reserves the right to a copy of the study results.

*Proposal includes these elements: the purpose of the research; how the research will be conducted (including a copy of the survey, interview questions; timing, etc); who the population will be and the rationale and procedures for choosing that population; procedures for protecting the anonymity of the subjects (as differentiated from keeping data confidential, which is also to be included); and a copy of the consent form, if required. If this is part of formal research in pursuit of a degree, the proposal submitted to the parent university will be accepted, provided it addresses these elements.

**If the requester is internal to the College, the OIRE is available to consult and provide support as data is gathered and evaluated. For an internal survey of faculty or staff, use the OIRE department site on the Intranet.

modified 10/1/14

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