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Public Notices Procedure

Use of General Purpose Bulletin Boards & Posting of Public Notices Procedure

Date Issued: November 2005
Responsible Office: Student Services

1. Purpose

To provide adequate bulletin board and notification space in convenient locations to inform members of the college community of ongoing campus activities, events and notices of interest.

2. Authority

The President has given the Vice President for Instruction and Student Services the responsibility and the authority to ensure bulletin boards and posted public notices are appropriately used for the benefit of the college community.

3. Applicability

This policy applies to all employees, students and constituents of the college who make use of these information resources. Postings refers to any hard copy advertisement/notification displayed on campus.

4. Policy

Posting of information and/or announcements must be placed on the appropriate bulletin board. All postings must comply with the information standards outlined in the procedures (below).

It is not the intent of this policy to censor or otherwise control the content of notices or other materials to be posted on bulletin boards. However, it is expected that such materials be in good taste and comply with all standards of conduct set forth in the student handbook.

5. Procedures
5.1 Posting by College Departments/Student Organizations/Students/Employees

Bulletin Boards:

Materials for posting must include the date posted to ensure the systematic removal of outdated material and provide space for new material. Materials may be posted for up to 30 days. All postings with an event date will be removed after the date has passed.

Posters may not exceed 11 x 17 inches. Posters or announcements with dimensions exceeding 11 x 17 inches will be removed from bulletin boards. “For Sale/Rent” notices and personal announcements must be no larger than 8 ½ x 11 inches.

Postings must be placed on appropriate bulletin boards according the displayed designations. For example, a flyer advertising a car for sale must be posted on a bulletin board titled “Sale, Rent, Buy”. Information regarding specific posting locations can be found in the addendum to this document or may be obtained in Academic Support Services.


Banner locations must be pre-approved by Academic Support Services (2332). Banners must be removed at the end of the reservation period.

5.2 Posting by Non-College Organizations

In addition to the procedures outlined above, these specific procedures apply to non-college, non-profit organizations desiring to post flyers, posters, banners, distribute materials or literature or solicit membership on campus independently or if sponsored by a recognized student organization or college office or department.

All non-college, non-profit organizations must conform to the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia. The college reserved the right to assign non-college organizations to specific locations for the posting of information. Priority is given to activities conducted by students, faculty or staff (alone or in conjunction with non-college organizations) over those conducted solely by non-college organizations.

These posting regulations may not apply to non-college activities in special campus-sponsored events, as determined by the college, which occur form time-to-time on campus. However, these events have their own regulations that apply to non-college organizations.

5.3 Solicitation

College facilities may not be used for solicitation of faculty, staff or students by private enterprise for profit organizations. This includes solicitation by individual contact, free advertising on campus through flyers, posters, or similar materials and profit oriented activities not officially sanctioned by the college.

5.4 Specific Prohibitions

In order to maintain the natural beauty of the campus and preclude a cluttered appearance of the buildings, the following actions are specifically prohibited:

Posters, notices, flyers, announcements or other materials are not to be attached to glass, painted, brick or tiled surfaces including doors, windows, mirrors or walls. Additionally, postings are not allowed on porches, walks, light fixtures, stairways, the outside of buildings, trees, trash receptacles, shrubs, utility poles or railings.

Sidewalk chalking is not permitted on the BRCC campus in any location for any reason without permission from Student Services (2332).

Flyers or notices may not be placed in or attached to automobiles on campus.

Advertising the sale of alcoholic beverages or any phrase or symbol that would lead the reader to believe alcohol will be served or consumed, is prohibited.

Using duct tape, staples, pins, nails, etc. in non-standard posting locations is prohibited and may result in damage billing.

6. Responsibility

It is the responsibility of the student organization, faculty group or other college organization to adhere to the following requirements:

  • Include the name of the individual or organization sponsoring the notice or event, a contact telephone number or email address and the date posted. Postings missing this information may be removed.
  • Include the following statement on all event notices: For disability accommodations, contact the Disability Services Coordinator (2298).
  • Post flyers, posters, notices, announcements, etc. in an appropriate fashion according to the content in Procedures outlined above.
  • The owner of the banner is responsible for the placement and removal of a banner in accordance with the banner posting procedures outlined above. The College will not be responsible for banners left beyond the reservation period or for the theft or damage to banners displayed.

7. Sanctions

Individuals and/or organizations violating these policies will have all postings removed and will be notified.

Sanctions will be commensurate with the severity and/or frequency of the offense and can include suspension of posting privileges, loss of financing and/or loss of official recognition.

8. Exclusions

Organizations whose recognition has been withdrawn by the college will not be allowed posting privileges, access to display cases or any other form of facility usage.

9. Interpretation

The authority to interpret this policy rests with the President of the College and is generally delegated to the Vice President for Instruction and Student Services.

BRCC Posting Policies Addendum

Addendum 1
Bulletin Board Locations And Designations

Please note: Only designated General Purpose bulletin board (maintained by Academic Support Services) locations are listed below. Academic program bulletin boards are maintained by faculty in the academic department. Permission to post items on bulletin boards, other than those listed below, must be obtained from the academic program department.

Building A

Student Government Association/Clubs/Events
Jobs/Events/Buy, Sell, Ride, Rent/Clubs, Organizations

Building D [Even Hallway]

Jobs Available

Building D [Odd Hallway]

College Choices
Cultural Events
Buy, Sell, Ride, Rent

Building F [Even Hallway]

Student Announcements
Buy, Sell, Ride, Rent
Student Government Association/Clubs

Building F [Odd Hallway]

Buy, Sell, Ride, Rent
Student Government Association/Clubs/Events
What’s New?

Building J [Even Hallway]

College Ideas

Building J [Odd Hallway]

Jobs/Events/Buy, Sell, Ride, Rent/Clubs, Organizations

Houff Student Center

Career Info & Jobs
Part-Time Jobs
Student Government/Clubs

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