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Logo Procedure

Brand Imaging with the Logo

BRCC’s logo visually represents the College brand and promotes immediate identification.  The readability and integrity of the logo should never be compromised. It is a piece of artwork and not a type font; therefore, always use an original version of the logo in either .eps or .jpg format to reproduce the logo.

NEVER copy the logo from the website or a .pdf document and paste it into a printed publication because the quality of the logo will be seriously compromised. Please contact the Office of Visual Communications for an original file of the logo.

Parts of Logo + Wordmark

The logo consists of a circle with mountain and the College name spelled out completely. The type font used is Serif Gothic. Other acceptable alternatives to the official logo may be used by the College Communications Department and may include the circle with mountain alone or the logo and BRCC initials.

Logo and College Colors

The logo color and the official College color is blue PMS 280.

Required Clear Space Surrounding Logo

Do not place a box around the logo. Make sure there is appropriate space surrounding the logo. No other competitive design elements can be placed behind the logo or within the required clear space surrounding the logo.

Logo Proportions

Do not stretch, compress, widen, lengthen, or otherwise distort the logo in any way. The BRCC logo is designed with specific height and width proportions to ensure proper balance and presentation.

Required Uses of Logo

The BRCC logo will be used on all formal printed publications, on the BRCC website in accordance with the College’s Website Policy, in promotional emails, on promotional materials, and in College advertising. The logo should not be used on non-official information such as personal social media accounts and personal Web pages.

Specialty Items

Use of the logo on College specialty items such as cups, T-shirts, hats, pens, notebooks, etc., should be approved in advance by the Office of Visual Communications. Proofs of the specialty items on which the logo is printed should be reviewed by the Office of Visual Communications before full production is authorized.

Imprinted Items in BRCC Bookstore

The Office of Visual Communications collaborates with the BRCC Bookstore operated by the Follett Higher Education Group about its inventory of specialty items imprinted with the BRCC logo. If you have suggestions about desired items, please contact the Office of Visual Communications.

Students & Student Organizations

Use of the BRCC logo by students or student organizations requires advance approval by the College Communications Department. Student organizations may request logos from the Office of Visual Communications.

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