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Highlights: 1970s—Signed, Sealed, Delivered…


WVPT featured the College in a program called “College Profile.” The Cosmetology program was phased out.


Names of intramural basketball teams at BRCC included the Buckshots, the Hot Shots, the Funky Flunks, and Soul Inc.

A spring anti-war rally drew “200 onlookers.”


The Animal Technology program was introduced to train individuals to become veterinary technicians in animal hospitals, animal shelters, wildlife centers, and zoos. In other animal news from 1972, “panda-monium” was sweeping the nation as giant pandas Ling-Ling and Hsing-Hsing made their debut at the National Zoo in April.

According to the student newspaper, now called Ridge Runner, “Nixon seems to have a slight edge over McGovern among the students here at BRCC.” Eighteen-year-olds had earned the right to vote in 1971.


Three new facilities, Buildings B, F, G, opened.

Folk Arts Festival, 1978

The first Folk Arts Festival was held. The festival would continue to grow each year and welcome musicians, performers, artisans, food vendors, community organizations, and thousands of visitors to campus until the fall of 2009.

Psychology students took a field trip to the Twin Oaks Commune in Louisa County.

BRCC hosted three exchange students from Brazil.


ROTC students, 1974 yearbook 

The ROTC program began in cooperation with VMI. That agreement ended in 1982 but students could continue at JMU.

A “Community Series” of cultural events that were open to the public included lectures on the Mormon Church and adolescent problems, a poetry reading, and a choral group performance.

Students distributed a petition asking Dr. Armstrong to install more public telephones on campus. There were only two.


Outing club, 1974-75 yearbook

Participants in the “Outing Club” could go on a ski trip at Massanutten Ski Lodge for $6—that included a lift ticket and all equipment!


Discussion of the possible removal of the ping-pong table from the student lounge was a hot topic for the SGA. Students also lined up for swine flu shots, and several members of Delta Epsilon Gamma fraternity met entertainer Pat Boone during a trip to New York City.

Students coordinated an “Ebony Affairs Week” in February featuring soul and gospel music, soul food, poetry readings, and art presentations.


The Weyers Cave Volunteer Fire Company was on campus to perform an important rescue mission: a cat from a tree.

BRCC celebrates its ten-year anniversary with a luncheon.


Classes offered in the Winter quarter included Elements of Dairy Science, Swine Production, and Poultry Management.

Twenty inches of snow caused the cancellation of classes for four days in January. Classes were rescheduled in March during spring break, causing much consternation among students.

Student lounge, 1978 yearbook 

An editorial in the student newspaper encouraged the creation of a non-smoking section in the student lounge.

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