Veterans & Active Duty Educational Benefits

A VA Certifying Official is available at BRCC to assist veterans, active duty personnel, and dependents of veterans who qualify as war orphans with applications, forms and information about educational benefits.


Most programs at the College are approved by the State Department of Education for the payment of veterans educational benefits. Apply online for your Veterans educational benefits at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs website. Be sure to apply for these benefits as early as possible as to receive the certificate of eligibility.

Eligibility for Educational Benefits

To be eligible for benefits, your classes must apply to one of the approved programs of study as listed in BRCC's Catalog and Student Handbook . You must be enrolled in 12 credits to receive full benefits, but can receive a percentage of benefits for less than 12 credits.

New BRCC Students

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  1. Choose a program of study and register for classes. (BRCC Academic Advisor)
  2. Order your military transcripts and request evaluation for BRCC credit (optional) (BRCC Admissions and Records)
  3. Apply for your Veterans Benefits (first use of benefits) OR complete a “Request for Change of Program or Place of Training – Form 22-1995 (if you have previously used benefits at another school) (Veterans Administration)
  4. Submit the following documents as soon as possible to BRCC’s VA Certifying Official:
    • Certification Request/Change Form - PDF
    • An original or court certified copy of your discharge papers (DD-214)
    • Documentation on dependents, if any
    • Copy of your “Certificate of Eligibility” from the Veterans Administration
  5. Make an appointment with BRCC’s VA Certifying Official to sign the paperwork to be certified.

Returning BRCC Students

  1. Register for classes (BRCC Academic Advisor)
  2. Complete Certification Request/Change Form - PDF each semester.  (BRCC VA Certifying Official)
  3. If you drop/add classes after you are certified, complete the Certification Request/Change Form - PDF (BRCC VA Certifying Official)

Student Registration and Payment Notes

  • Be prepared to pay for your classes if you don’t receive your Certificate of Eligibility before the tuition payment deadline. You may call the VA at 1-888-442-4551 to check on the progress of your application.
  • If you drop/add any classes after you have been certified, no changes will be made until after the last day to drop/add with a refund! You must submit your changes on the Adjustment Form. Remember the fewer changes you make, the less chance you have of your payments being delayed.
  • You must fill out a Veterans Enrollment Form each semester and provide to the BRCC VA Certifying Official.
  • Residency requirements for military members, spouses, and dependents.
  • Virginia guidelines for military education.

Payment Categories

  • Post 9-11 (Chapter 33): Once the Eligibility Letter from the Veterans Administration (VA) is presented to the Veterans Affairs Specialist at BRCC, a hold will be placed on all classes so no drops occur. Do not pay tuition/fees up front. They are paid by the VA. If no Eligibility Letter is presented, the student must pay tuition up front and then be reimbursed by BRCC.
  • Montgomery Bill (Chapter 30): Students must pay tuition/fees up front. VA benefits are sent directly to the student.
  • Disabled Veterans: Students attending under Vocational Rehabilitation must have the approval of a counselor at the VA before payment of benefits can be authorized.
  • Members of the Selected Reserve and National Guard: These students should contact the VA regarding their benefits.
  • MSDEP (Dependents of Deceased or Disabled Veterans): Students must take a copy of the Eligibility Letter received from the VA both to the Cashier's Office and to the Veterans Affairs Specialist at BRCC.

Active Duty

Active duty personnel may qualify for either VA assistance or the tuition assistance programs of the Armed Forces as well as Post 9/11 GI Bill benefits.

Dependents of Veterans

Virginia War Orphans Educational Benefits

The Code of Virginia provides for free tuition and fees to attend state-supported institutions of higher education for children of persons deceased, disabled, prisoners of war, or missing in action as a result of any armed conflict after December 6, 1941, involving the Armed Forces of the United States.


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Veterans Certification Request/Change Form - PDF

Veterans Resources

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