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High School Students

Want to earn college credit while still in high school?

BRCC offers two options for high school students to do that: concurrent enrollment and dual enrollment. To be eligible, you must be a junior or senior and prepared for the demands of college-level work.

What is Concurrent Enrollment?

Concurrent enrollment allows you to take courses on campus at BRCC. (Most of your classmates will be college students over age 18!) You would be a part-time student at BRCC and remain a full-time student in your high school. Homeschooled students may pursue this option as well.

What is Dual Enrollment?

Dual enrollment classes allow juniors and seniors to enroll in BRCC courses taught at your high school during the regular school day. Courses are taught by high school teachers, but the textbooks, syllabi, and workload are comparable to college freshman-level courses. Dual enrollment courses offered vary by high school, so check with your guidance counselor.

What are the requirements?

To pursue either concurrent or dual enrollment options, you must:

Concurrent students must also submit an approval letter signed by the high school principal or guidance counselor, indicating the course in which they wish to enroll.

Homeschooled students may enroll in concurrent courses by providing a letter, signed by their school district superintendent or designee, which verifies their status.

Career Pathways Consortium

The Career Pathways Consortium helps area high school students prepare for successful careers by building partnerships between high schools, Blue Ridge Community College, and area employers. A Career Pathways graduate combines a secondary and postsecondary program of study in a specific career field.

Career Coaches

The career coach in your high school can help you explore career options that most closely match your interests and strengths, while explaining which BRCC programs of study can lead to the jobs you want most.