Satisfactory Academic Progress

Federal regulations require that students maintain “Satisfactory Academic Progress” or SAP to be eligible to continue receiving financial aid. In addition to maintaining a minimum GPA (Grade Point Average), students must complete at least two-thirds of the courses they attempt with a passing grade. Students must also complete their program of study before having attempted more than 150% of the required credits for their program.

SAP Measurements

At the end of each term, students’ SAP is assessed to determine whether they have met the following minimum conditions:

Grade Point Average for Credit Hours Attempted

GPA RequiredCredit Hours Attempted
2.031 +

Completion Rate

Completion rate must be at least 67%. This means that you may not have failed, withdrawn from, or received a grade of “U” or “I” in one-third or more of the credit hours in which you have enrolled. The number one reason that students lose their financial aid at BRCC is excessive course withdrawal. Please consult with the financial aid office before withdrawing from courses to learn the implications of doing so.

To determine your completion rate, use the following formula:

([EARNED HOURS]/[ATTEMPTED HOURS])*100 = Completion rate.

For example, if you have attempted 45 credit hours and passed (earned) 35 credit hours, you would calculate as follows:

([35]/[45]) * 100 = 77. In this case the completion rate is 77%

Total Attempted Credit Hours

Total attempted credit hours must not exceed 150% of the credit hours required to complete your academic program. Example: If the total credits in your degree plan are 66, then your 150% max is 99. (66 * 1.5 = 99).

Unusual Enrollment History

Students who have been flagged by the FAFSA processor as having an “unusual enrollment history” will be required to document that they have earned credits at each college where they received federal aid in the last four academic years. If they have not earned credit at all institutions at which they received federal aid, they may appeal to receive financial aid by submitting an Unusual Enrollment History form with a statement indicating why they were unable to earn credits at each institution. If approved, the student will be placed on financial aid warning in his or her first term at BRCC.

If Minimum Requirements are Not Met

Warning Semester

Students who do not meet minimum GPA requirements or completion rate will have a warning semester during which to improve their GPA and completion rate measures. If, after the warning semester, students have met the minimum requirements, they will be taken off SAP violation. A student may only have one warning semester in his/her academic career. Students who have violated the 150% regulation will not have a warning semester.

Financial Aid Suspension

If you have not met the minimum requirements by the end of your warning semester, your financial aid eligibility will be suspended, and you will not be eligible to receive additional financial aid. If your aid becomes suspended, you may pay out of pocket for courses, and financial aid may be reinstated once you reach the minimum SAP requirements. If circumstances beyond your control contributed to your inability to meet SAP requirements, you may appeal for probationary reinstatement of your financial aid using the Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal Form.

Academic Plan

If you appeal for financial aid and are approved, you will be placed on a “Financial Aid Academic Plan.” This academic plan will indicate a set of requirements that you must meet each semester in order to work to improve your GPA and completion rate, generally a 2.5 GPA and 100% completion (meaning that you may not receive a grade of “F,” “U,” or “W” in any course while under the plan). Your GPA will be measured against the requirements in your academic plan each semester until you reach the overall minimum requirements. If the conditions of your academic plan are not met, your financial aid will once again be suspended.

Additional Information

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