Student Input About Instructor/Quality of Instruction

BRCC values student feedback about the quality of its instruction. Students may provide input by a variety of ways:

  • Completing a course evaluation. Each instructor will administer an end-of-course evaluation that allows students to provide an anonymous evaluation of the course content and the quality of instruction. The academic dean or his/her designee reviews the end-of-course evaluation forms and appropriately follows up on any student concerns or complaints.  A similar end-of-class evaluation is submitted by students taking non-credit classes taught through Continuing Education.
  • Meeting with the faculty member, to share concerns and feedback.
  • Meeting with the appropriate academic dean, to share concerns and feedback. Depending upon the nature of the concern or complaint, the dean may ask the student to provide a written statement as well as verbally communicating their concerns. Additionally, deans may seek clarification or input from faculty related to student complaints. Students may call the Academic Division Office or Workforce Services and Continuing Education in order to schedule the meeting.