Student Complaint & Appeals Processes

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  1. The student should submit his/her complaint in writing to the appropriate administrative unit.
  2. The College will respond in writing within the designated time frame.
  3. Documentation of written complaints and the College's written response will be kept in a secure location for three years and then will be destroyed.
  4. If a student has exhausted all the institutional processes and the complaint remains unresolved, the student may file a formal complaint with the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV).
AdministratorProcedureAppeal Process
Vice President, Finance and AdministrationAmericans with Disabilities Act Complaint ProcedureA complaint should be filed in writing, contain the name and address of the person filing it, and briefly describe the alleged violation of the regulations.
Vice President, Instruction and Student ServicesDomicile Appeals ProcessThe student must file a written appeal within five calendar days of initial determination.
Director, Student Financial Aid and ScholarshipsSatisfactory Academic Progress PolicyTo appeal the denial of financial aid due to not maintaining satisfactory academic progress, students must complete this form and attach the required documentation.
Academic DeanGrade Appeal ProcedureA written appeal must be filed with the instructor as soon as possible and no later than ten calendar days after the first day of class of the next regular (fall/spring) semester.
Academic DeanStudent Input About Instructor/Quality of Instruction
Issues that are not resolved by the student with the instructor, Dean, or VP ISS may be appealed using the Student Misconduct Appeal process.
Cashier, Student Financial Services
Parking Citation Appeal - PDF
The individual should forward the appeals form to the Director of Public Safety within 10 days of the citation.
Dean, Student ServicesAcademic DismissalRequests for reinstatement are considered by an Admissions Committee convened by the Dean of Student Services. An Appeal may be made to the Vice President of Instruction and Student Services within 10 days of notification of the Admission Committee’s decision.
Title IX Coordinator, Dean Student Services
Sexual Violence, Domestic Violence, Dating Violence, and Stalking PolicyStudents who believe that they have been subjected to sexual assault or harassment should report their complaint as soon as possible after the event occurs to the Dean of Student Services or any other employee.
Vice President, Instruction and Student Services
Statement on Student Rights and Responsibilities, Disciplinary, and Grievance Procedures
A written request for a hearing must be made on or before the 15th business day following the mailing of the certified letter which describes the administrative disposition.
Vice President, Finance and Administration

Tuition Refund Appeals Form - PDF

Tuition Refund Appeal Procedure

Refund appeals will not be considered unless the student has officially withdrawn from the class, and has a grade of W.
Dean, Student ServicesAll other student complaints
Student should contact the Dean of Student Services
Issues that are not resolved by the student with the Dean or appropriate Vice President may be appealed using the Student Misconduct Appeal process.