Parking & Traffic Regulations

General Procedures

  • Blue Ridge Community College assumes NO responsibility for any motor vehicle or its contents when on College owned or leased property.
  • All parked vehicles must display a valid parking permit with the exception of state or BRCC-owned vehicles, guests, and visitors.
  • Parking spaces are designated for visitors, faculty/staff, handicapped access and low emitting and fuel efficient vehicles. Students may park in undesignated spaces and those designated for handicapped or fuel efficient vehicles if eligible.
  • Park only in spaces marked with two white lines in paved lots unless directed to other areas by College officials.
  • Vehicle use is restricted to roadways and parking lots.
  • All campus community members are expected to look for and obey all conditions and detailed instructions on posted signs.
  • All drivers are responsible for the operation of their vehicles and any violations related to their use on College owned or leased property.
  • The Public Safety Office is authorized to make any necessary changes to parking regulations that supersede written regulations during major campus events, inclement weather, or other conditions requiring parking adjustments.

Speed Limits

  • 15 mph - entrance roads
  • 5 mph - parking lots and east side of campus (I-81)

Visitor Parking

  • Visitors are defined as guests to campus who are not currently active students, staff, or faculty.
  • Visitors may park only in parking spaces designated for visitors; permits are not required.

Handicapped Parking

  • Vehicles in handicapped spaces must display a valid state or province-issued handicap permit (dash card, hangtag or license plate) and a BRCC parking permit (except visitors).
  • If handicap spaces are unavailable, vehicles with handicapped permits may be parked in any other legal, designated parking space, including faculty/staff spaces.

Low Emitting and Fuel Efficient Vehicle

Several spaces at the west end of the second row in the north parking lot are designated for “Low Energy Emitting and Fuel Efficient Vehicles.” These spaces may be used by students, faculty, or staff.

Parking Permits

  • Are available in the Public Safety Office, Houff Student Center.
  • Are free and valid until the printed expiration date.
  • Are attached to the driver’s side rear window using the decal’s adhesive backing.
  • Remain the property of Blue Ridge Community College.
  • Are not transferable.

Registering a Vehicle

  • When registering vehicles, a BRCC ID card must be presented or applied for at that time.
  • Vehicles must be registered within 48 hours after classes begin for all academic sessions.

Temporary Parking Permits

  • The Public Safety Department may issue temporary parking permits in the form of hang tags to be placed on rear-view mirrors for rental vehicles, temporarily borrowed vehicles, limited time parking for contractors, or guests utilizing campus facilities, etc.
  • Faculty, staff, and students requesting temporary permits must present their BRCC ID card.

Disabled Vehicles

  • Disabled vehicles are subject to parking citations unless the vehicle operator immediately notifies the Campus Public Safety Office.
  • Disabled vehicles must be removed within 24 hours of notification.
  • BRCC reserves the right to immediately tow disabled vehicles from areas that pose a threat to public safety (fire lanes, handicap spaces, etc.).

Overnight & Weekend Parking

  • Overnight and weekend parking is not permitted without prior notification to the Public Safety Office.
  • For security, please use ONLY the South lot or the lot immediately adjacent to the Plecker lot for overnight or weekend parking.
  • No overnight or weekend parking is permitted in the North lot. If a faculty or staff member is using a State Car, parking in the faculty/staff spaces in the first two rows of the North Lot is permitted.


Parking regulations are enforced 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and may result in fines and towing at owner or operator’s expense. Violations include:

  • Parking in locations which obstruct traffic or block driveways, doorways, loading docks, manhole covers, building sprinkler connections, etc. These areas may be marked by signage or striped lines.
  • Parking in striped zones for any reason, discharge areas, or fire lanes is prohibited, regardless of the type of permit displayed.
  • Moving barriers or traffic cones intended to reserve spaces.
  • Double parking unless authorized by the Public Safety Department.
  • Parking illegally in a handicap space or adjacent wheelchair discharge/van access transfer area.
  • Permit misuse: possession of a permit that has been reported lost or stolen; illegal possession of a permit; alteration or duplication of a permit; placing a permit on a vehicle other than the one to which it is registered, improperly adhering decal to window; misrepresenting status when applying for permit; applying for permit for another person.


  • Towed vehicles are stored off campus at the owner/operator’s expense.
  • BRCC personnel and subcontractors are authorized to tow vehicles immediately and without warning when a vehicle impeding access presents a threat to public safety or is in violation of posted signage.
  • Violations that subject a vehicle to immediate towing at the owner’s/operator’s expense:
    • Parking in a wheelchair discharge/”van access” transfer area;
    • Parking in a handicap space;
    • Parking in a fire lane;
    • Overnight or weekend parking beyond the posted signs in the North lot;
    • Misuse of permits issued through the Public Safety Department or other state agencies;
    • Accumulating three unpaid citations.

Penalties for Violations

Community members are given verbal and/or written warnings of parking violations during the first two weeks of Fall and Spring semesters.

Fines and Penalties

  • Up To $500:
    • Parking in a handicap space without a DMV Permit
    • Parking in handicap discharge area
    • Blocking handicap access area
  • $10:
    • Parking in shop/receiving entrance or loading zone
    • Failing to park in a designated place
    • Parking on sidewalk or grass
    • Parking in a restricted lot or area
    • Parking within 15 feet of a fire hydrant
    • Parking in a fire lane
    • Improper use of a motorcycle space
    • Parking in a visitor space
    • Blocking another vehicle
    • Unregistered vehicle
    • Failing to display a permit
    • Invalid or expired permit
    • Tickets not paid within 30 days of the date of the ticket
    • Improper use of low emitting & fuel efficient parking spaces
  • Boot Disabling of Vehicles: Accumulating two or more unpaid parking citations.
  • Disciplinary Action: Students may also be subject to disciplinary action as outlined in the Student Behavior Code.

Citation Payments

  • Parking citations may be paid with cash (no coins), check, Visa, or MasterCard at the cashiers’ office located in the Houff Student Center.
  • Students who fail to pay citations will incur late fees and will have holds placed on their student accounts until payment is received.
  • Violators with two or more unpaid parking citations are subject to boot disabling of their vehicle until all parking citations and late fees are paid in full.

Citation Appeals

Violators contesting a parking citation may appeal the decision by filing a written appeal with the Public Safety Office within ten (10) calendar days of receiving the citation. A Citation Appeals form is available from the Public Safety Office, Houff Student Center.  See: Citation Appeals Form - PDF (requires Acrobat Reader)

Citation Appeals Process

  • The Public Safety Office will review the appeal and determine if the citation may be dismissed, or, if the appeal should be forwarded to the Appeals Committee.
  • Within ten (10) calendar days of receipt of an appeal, the Public Safety Office will consult the appeals committee to review the initial determination and intermediate review.
  • Any committee member may determine that additional appeal information is necessary. The violator will be provided with the opportunity to present information to the committee, either in person or in writing via the appeals form.
  • The Public Safety Office will maintain a written record (or email threads) of the proceedings of the meeting. The committee shall follow the current College Parking and Traffic (Motor Vehicle) Regulations in making its determination.
  • The decision of the committee is final and will be made within thirty (30) calendar days of receipt of the appeal.
  • Written notification will be provided to the violator via US Postal Service or by the email address provided on the appeals form.
  • If the appeal is denied, the appellant has ten (10) calendar days including the date on the notification letter or email to pay the fine before incurring a delinquent fee.