Common accommodations provided to students with documented disabilities:

  • American Sign Language Interpreters
  • Alternate Format Textbooks
  • Brailling of course materials
  • Extended time on test/quizzes/exams
  • Note-taking assistance
  • Preferential seating
  • Use of assistive technologies

Separate Testing Room/Assistive Technology Lab

The Separate Testing Room/Assistive Technology Lab has assistive technology and may be scheduled for separate testing and class work.

Reserve a time, and then report to Disability Services at the time of your appointment.

Testing Accommodations

If you request testing accommodations, Testing Accommodations Forms will be included with your Letter of Accommodations. Give the form to your instructor at least one class period before the scheduled test date. Report to the Testing Center in Room F110, or Separate Testing Room, to take your test. Using the Separate Testing Room requires an appointment; the Testing Center does not.

Instructors & Accommodations

Please remember that it is your responsibility to provide a Letter of Accommodations to your instructors and discuss your accommodation needs with them.