Computer Lab Use | BRCC, Virginia

BRCC is a member of the Virginia Community College System. Use of any computer on campus implies that you will comply with all VCCS Information Technology Policies and Student-Patron Acceptable Use Agreement as well as BRCC lab procedures:

  • Only water in closed containers allowed.
  • Do put trash in the trash can; paper in the recycle bin.
  • Don't change any of the software or hardware configurations on computers.
  • No smoking, e-cigs, other tobacco products allowed in the computer labs.
  • Don't download or install any software. If you need to use a program that came on a disk with your book, ask the lab assistant for help.
  • Do keep noise to a minimum, including music from headphones.
  • Don't use cell phones in the computer lab. If you must use a cell phone, take it outside so you don't disturb other students doing their work.
  • Do report problems with a computer or printer to the lab assistant.
  • Don't use the student lab to play computer games; lab is for students working on assignments.
  • Don't copy software; it is against the law. (The Virginia Crimes Act, Virginia – Title 8.01 Chapter 3, Federal – Computer Fraud & Abuse Act of 1986)