A to-do list to keep you on track:

4 semesters before transfer

  • Speak to a BRCC Academic Advisor to choose your major.
  • Meet with your 4-year school’s Transfer Advisor.
  • Read the Transfer Agreement or Guaranteed Admissions Agreement for your 4-year school.
  • Use a Transfer Advising Guide to pick the right BRCC courses for your major.
  • Learn about general education and other requirements at the institution(s) you are considering.
  • Begin looking for scholarships, discounts and other ways to meet costs.
  • Many programs require Math, English, Social Sciences, and Lab Sciences, so begin those courses as early as possible.

3 semesters before transfer

  • Continue working with your BRCC Academic or Transfer Advisor.
  • Decide which 4-year school is best for you and visit the campus.
  • If required, complete a letter of intent for your chosen institution. Contact the Transfer Advisor for your respective school to complete this.
  • Use the 4-year schools' Transfer Guides to pick the right BRCC courses.
  • Look up your future institution’s academic calendars and deadlines.

2 semesters before transfer

  • Complete transferable coursework and Apply for Graduation.
  • Continue taking courses that will transfer to your major.
  • Submit your admission application, financial aid application and official transcripts to the 4-year schools you are considering.
  • Once admitted to the institution, complete any specific scholarship and housing applications.

1 semester before transfer

Check your Student Information System account to verify there are no financial/administrative holds on your student record.

After graduation

Have your final official BRCC transcript sent to your 4-year school.