To comply with Virginia Code Title 23, Section 9.2.10 Violence prevention; threat assessment team and Virginia Community College System (VCCS) Workplace Violence Prevention and Threat Assessment Policy Guidelines, Blue Ridge Community College (BRCC) has established a Violence Prevention and Threat Assessment Team “charged with: (i) providing guidance to students, faculty, and staff regarding recognition of threatening or aberrant behavior that may represent a threat to the community; (ii) identification of members of the campus community to whom threatening behavior should be reported; and (iii) policies and procedures for the assessment of individuals whose behavior may present a threat, appropriate means of intervention with such individuals, and sufficient means of action, including interim suspension, referrals to community services boards or health care providers for evaluation or treatment, or medical separation to resolve potential threats."

Report Threatening Behavior

Report to any team member/designated individuals listed below.

Threat Assessment Team

  • Campus Safety Coordinator, Chair
    • ext. 602503
  • Director of Human Resources, Co-Chair
    • ext. 602371
  • Dean of Student Services
    • ext. 602582
  • Academic Deans
    • ext. 602344
    • ext. 602264
    • ext. 602376
  • Vice President of Finance and Administration
    • ext. 602281
  • Title IX Coordinator
    • ext. 602332
  • Valley CSB Representative
  • Law Enforcement Representative
  • VCCS Legal Representative

The Violence Prevention and Threat Assessment Procedures effective August 8, 2011 and revised 08/30/2013 can be found in the Public Safety chapter of the Faculty and Staff Handbook.