Library Instruction/Information Literacy

The Houff Library strongly believes in helping each BRCC student attain information literacy. Here is a complete listing of concepts involved in information literacy.

ITE119 is now required to provide an information literacy session, so it could be that most of your students will have already had a general library session. If your classes need more specific training, we can tailor our sessions to specifically address certain topics, so just let us know.

We Kindly Ask of Our Instructors

  • Demonstrations are available for classes with the instructor present and participating. Please no cell phone or personal computer work, by students or instructors, during library sessions.
  • We greatly appreciate interjections from instructors, as that shows students that this session is important.
  • Instructors are highly encouraged to have specific assignments planned when scheduling an information literacy session, as library research shows students retain more when the knowledge is immediately applied.
  • We request instructors let the Library know as soon as the syllabus is finalized when they need an information literacy class, as there is preparatory work that must be accomplished before a library session can be conducted.  Many other classes also schedule library instruction, so the librarians' schedules are often booked early.
  • Please give at least 24 hours notice if the session needs to be cancelled.

The best environment is in a computer lab where students can practice using our online resources first-hand.  Off-campus demos can be given, too, but we ascertain first if there are any firewalls which would prohibit accessing our databases.

For information regarding library instruction, please contact Kyle McCarrell (ext. 2269) or Accacia Mullen (ext. 2245). We can fine-tune our general information literacy session to meet your classes' specific subject needs, so just let us know.

We also offer our online tutorial to those classes who are unable to schedule a library session.

Individual instruction is always available - just ask any of our librarians.