Fin Aid Announcements

Financial Aid Disbursements

Financial aid disbursements for students who are enrolled in regular term courses and who have no outstanding document requests from the financial aid office will begin in early October.


Refunds will be made to students whose financial aid exceeds the amount of their tuition and bookstore charges as follows:

  • Fall – Mid to Late October
  • Spring – Mid to Late March
  • Summer – Late June

If you would like to sign up to have your refund made by direct deposit or a prepaid Visa, please visit the BRCC Refund/Disbursement portal.

Outstanding Tuition Charges

Outstanding tuition charges for any student whose aid does not cover his or her entire tuition and fee charges and who is not participating in a payment plan is due immediately and in full.

Late-Starting Classes

If you are in all late-starting courses (second 8 or 10 week or later MTE term courses), refunds will not begin until 3-4 weeks after the last day to drop courses for your latest starting term.

Fall-Only Loans

Students who have borrowed fall-only loans will see the first half disbursed during the regular disbursement period and the second half after the semester midpoint.