Exit Counseling

Student Loan Exit Counseling

Federal regulations require that student loan borrowers complete a Student Loan Exit Counseling session when one of the following occurs and the student:

  • graduates,
  • withdraws from all courses,
  • transfers to another college,
  • withdraws from or stops attending the college,
  • begins attending less than half-time (e.g. takes fewer than 6 credits in a semester).

Electronic Exit Counseling Sessions

To meet this federal requirement, log on to the Federal Student Aid website and complete the Student Loan Exit Counseling prior to graduation or within 30 days of withdrawing, transferring, dropping below half-time, or being notified that you are required to complete the exit counseling session. 

A notification will be sent to BRCC upon completion.

Student Loan Borrowing History

View your student loan borrowing history on the National Student Loan Data System using the “Financial Aid Review” link.