Blue Ridge Community College received an allocation of $931,016 to make available to students in the form of cash grants from the CARES (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security) Act

In accordance with the CARES act language, we sent funds only to students who were Title IV eligible and were not enrolled in a fully online program as of 3/13/2020 (the date of President Trump’s declaration of national emergency).

We disbursed the majority of funds without further application to students whose Title IV eligibility had already been established in accordance with Section 484 of the Higher Education Act. As suggested in the bill, we focused on our neediest students, using the following additional criteria to determine funds disbursement:

  • Students were enrolled in 6 or more credits during the Spring 2020 semester
  • Students were NOT enrolled in all online course work as of 3/13/2020
  • Students had an EFC (Expected Family Contribution) of $15000 or less

Note that the Department of Education required that these grants be sent directly to students and not be directed to any unpaid tuition account balances. If you have an unpaid balance, we have not deducted that from this payment. However, you may use these funds to make a payment if you so choose

Eligible students received a message in their SIS Message Center. To view the message, log in to My BRCC, choose the “SIS” app, then “Student Center.”

Funds were disbursed directly to students per their previously selected refund method (direct deposit or paper check)

CARES Act Required Reporting