Course Audit Tool

As you may know, not all college courses are eligible to be paid for by financial aid. While most of the courses you will need to take while working toward your degree or certificate program are eligible to be paid for with financial aid, financial aid cannot cover:

  • Courses that are not required for completion of your program,
  • Courses that have been taken more than one additional time after being passed, and
  • Developmental courses taken after you have already attempted 30 credits of developmental coursework.

In the past, we have tracked these items by hand through a series of manual processes, causing many students to have to wait until these processes were run to find out if all of their classes were aid-eligible.

However, we have recently implemented a new tool called the Financial Aid Course Audit that will allow you to find out within approximately 24-48 hours of registering whether all of your courses are eligible to be paid for with financial aid. This tool will become available beginning with the Spring 2017 semester. Financial Aid Course Audit is designed to help you work efficiently toward completion of your program, as well as to avoid last-minute surprises about course ineligibility.

Academic Advising

As always, if you need help determining whether courses apply to your program of study, we encourage you to meet with an Academic Advisor. To make an appointment with an advisor, please visit Academic Advising. Registration opens October 24th, but there is no need to wait until then to meet with an advisor – they can meet with you now to help you choose the best courses for your spring schedule!

Stay tuned for more information on how to use this new tool!