Transportation & Logistics


Commercial drivers and logistics workers in demand in our area: tractor trailer, straight truck, forklift, and logistics operators. The Shenandoah Valley has many transportation and distribution jobs because of the intersection of two interstates and numerous warehouses and manufacturing facilities. Financial assistance may be available for some programs.

CDL Class A   CDL Class B   Logistics/Forklift

Commercial Truck Driving

If you want a career as a commercial driver, we offer a full range of training options. BRCC personnel are DMV certified examiners; final skills testing is provided on-site.

CDL Class A

Get the skills to become a CDL Class A commercial driver through this intensive program of classroom, practice range, and over-the-road training. This is a 5-week training program.

CDL Class B

Learn to drive a Class B straight truck in 8-10 days! 

Class B to Class A Upgrade

This course will train a current Class B CDL holder to drive a Class A vehicle. Course duration is 10 days or 80 hours of training.

Corporate Customized Class A or Class B

Training is accomplished with a sponsoring company which provides driving and company job requirements prior to course work. Prior driving and vehicle familiarization is required. Call for details.

Certified Logistics Associate & Certified Logistics Technician

Gain entry-level knowledge and skills in warehousing, distribution, and supply chain logistics. Learn more advanced skills in product receiving, product storage, inventory control, evaluation of transportation modes , dispatching, and tracking.

Forklift Operation

Learn to operate sit-down electric and propane forklifts, stand-up electric reach forklifts and walk-behind electric pallet lifts.

Transportation Classes

Check WCE’s online registration system for currently scheduled transportation classes, prices, and complete class information.

WCE Transportation Classes