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Commercial pilot student and plane

Commercial pilots can provide services such as crop dusting, charter services, or flight instruction. The minimum number of 190 flight hours earned in BRCC’s Commercial Pilot Certificate program can be applied toward the 1500 flight hours required to become a commercial airline pilot.

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Commercial Pilot Certificate

Ready for take-off into an exciting career? Blue Ridge Community College’s commercial pilot program provides hands-on pilot training to ensure you’re up and flying right away with the right stuff. Our knowledgeable instructors focus on providing you with practical learning with in-flight training that will prepare you for a successful aviation career.

BRCC partners with Blue Ridge Aviation to offer the flight training components of this program.


Private Pilot Ground School & Flight Training

Start your flying journey with this course that presents the fundamental principles of flight including theory of flight, aircraft standards and specifications, basic aircraft construction, weight and balance, navigation, meteorology, principles of radio communication and application of aero physics. Prepares students for the FAA examination for private pilot rating.

Instrument Pilot Ground School & Flight Training

Take this important step to a career in aviation by learning what you need to do to get your instrument rating. Covers principles applicable to instrument aviation requirements. Includes study of aerodynamics pertaining to instrument flight, flight instruments and airways. Prepares students for the FAA examination for instrument-pilot rating.

Commercial Pilot Ground School & Flight Training

Ready to earn your Commercial Pilots license? Learn the advanced theory of flight covering navigation, meteorology, radio communication, aerophysics and performance. Studies federal aviation regulations. Prepares students for the FAA Examination for the commercial pilot rating.


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