Who Can Register

You can register for classes if you've applied for admission and completed the admissions process.  Returning students may register if you've taken BRCC classes within the past three years.

Admissions Process

When to Register

Registration dates for each semester are published on the academic calendar.  Classes are available for viewing in the Student Information System (SIS).

Academic Calendar

How to Register

You can register for classes online through the Student Information System (SIS).

  1. Log in to MYBRCC to access SIS and select the Enrollment option to add classes.
  2. Pay tuition.  Registration is not complete until tuition is paid. If not paid by the tuition payment deadlines, you will be withdrawn from classes and will need to register again.

Get Help with Registration 

Need help?  Go the Enrollment Zone in the Houff Student Center.  No appointment needed.

You need to come to Houff Student Center before you can register online if you are:

  • registering for prerequisite English and math courses (unless you have seen an advisor prior to registering).
  • financially obligated to BRCC;
  • on academic suspension;
  • planning to take more than 18 credit hours;