Facilities Use Policy

Blue Ridge Community College makes its facilities available to non-college groups and organizations on a space available basis.

I. Priorities for Use of College Facilities.

  1. Educational programs of the College including student activities;
  2. College sponsored non-credit activities;
  3. Other approved (see Section III below) educational programs sponsored by approved agencies;
  4. Events and/or activities sponsored by community groups within the areas served by the College.

II. Facilities Available for Use.

The following College facilities are available as space permits:

  1. large lecture rooms
  2. general purpose classrooms
  3. conference rooms
  4. college grounds, i.e. parking lots and picnic area.

Community organizations requesting the use of the College grounds (item d, Section I above) must submit a certificate of insurance along with the application for facilities usage.

Computer laboratory usage is generally limited to credit classes offered by the College and non-credit classes offered through the College's Workforce Services and Continuing Education. In addition, special requests will be considered on an individual basis. In general, requests for use involving an application currently available on the BRCC network may be accommodated.

III. Procedure for Requesting Use of College Facilities.

A facilities application is completed and submitted by the organization/group requesting the use of BRCC facilities. Applications are available upon request from the office of the Vice President of Instruction and Student Services.

Upon receipt of the request, the application is reviewed and approved by the Vice President of Instruction and Student Services or his designee and is subject to review by the College president. If the request is unusual and/or requires that the College perform special services, the application is discussed with the Vice President of Financial and Administrative Services prior to approval. A copy of the approved facilities agreement is provided to the applicant as authorizing documentation.

IV. Criteria Used for Approval of Requests.

In general, requests for space are approved if:

  1. the sponsoring organization is a public agency or a nonprofit private organization, including state employee associations as defined in Executive Memorandum 2-93, Use of State Agencies and Institutions' Meeting Rooms by State Employee Associations;
  2. the function planned does not duplicate or conflict with the College programs or the College mission; does not interfere with normal college operations or with public access to college buildings; does not violate any laws, leases, or other contracts; the activity is compatible with the safety and security of the College community; and no fee is charged by the sponsoring organization;
  3. suitable space is available and the College can accommodate the arrangements requested.

V. Fees.

In most cases, no fee will be charged for the use of space. If special services are involved, however, the College may set an appropriate charge based on the actual costs incurred by BRCC for those services. The College does not arrange catering.