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Wed May 11, 2016 at 04:20 PM

Megan Hartless

Megan Hartless on treadmillFrom “I hate to exercise” to "it’s the best part of my day” is the journey that Megan Hartless has been on over the past year… and she isn’t turning back. For someone who felt she would always hate exercise, she certainly has changed her tune, or as we say in the fitness business, changed her life-style choices.

So, what would motivate a busy mom, wife, full-time employee, and supervisor to put one more thing into her day? Wanting to feel and look better for one thing, but most importantly, for two special little boys. To be fit and able to take better care of the boys is the main motivating factor.

Megan’s drive is paying off as she has thus far lost 30 pounds. That’s pretty good for someone who hated exercise. Even better than the loss of 30 pounds is the fact that she has “turned the corner” on her attitude toward being physically active (a.k.a. “exercise”). She admits that what everyone told her was true… just stick with it a couple of months and you will be hooked. From March to May/June, Megan “unhappily” lumbered over to the Center hoping what everybody told her was true. What she discovered after those first few months was that it was true; if she skipped a couple of days she really did miss working out.

Megan does most of her workouts at the Rec Center and if you ask her why she will tell you because of the convenience. Being as busy as she is, using her lunch break is the only way to consistently get in her workouts. With the many roles she plays, it also provides her with a place for quality time for herself. She just pops in a Netflix on her phone and for the next hour, disappears from the world.

Megan Hartless with sonsShe has coupled her dedicated exercise program with a change in eating habits. Step in Weight Watchers(TM). Seeing fellow members around campus have been extremely motivating for her. And the program has also helped in changing her eating habits.

And of course it always helps when you get a new tech toy to play with. December brought a Fitbit(TM) to her wardrobe so she is now a member of the unofficial "counting steps" club. Being observant of the number of steps taken has encouraged her to do things like park further from an entrance, offering to go pick up the mail, etc.

Megan hopes to encourage others like herself to just try it for a couple of months and see the difference it makes. There are other benefits in addition to weight loss and better physical condition that are rewarding.

For Megan, she has seen her stress level come down, her energy go up, along with much better sleep. Now who wouldn't want that?

Congratulations to Megan and her successes from the entire Rec staff. Keep it up!