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Spotlight: Megan Van Fossen

Tue May 17, 2016 at 10:17 AM

Megan Van Fossen

Megan Van Fossen, 2015 R.E. Lee High grad


I chose BRCC because I was unsure of what four-year college would work best for me. I also wanted to save money while I was still deciding what to major in and where to go. I am planning to major in Business Administration here, then transfer to a four-year school. I have not decided where I will be going quite yet. Once I decide, I hope to major in Business with a concentration in Accounting and Finance.

Advice for high schoolers searching for a college?

Take your time and really picture yourself at that school and community. So many students go to their dream school without taking the time to see if that is the best fit for them, and they do not enjoy school and do not succeed. It is not all about the name of the school and how well known it is. How well you succeed at that school is what matters.

Biggest adjustment to college life?

I would not say that there was a big adjustment to college life due to having an older sister. She shared some of her knowledge and wisdom about college with me, which was really helpful in the transition. Something students may want to understand is the amount of work you put into your classes will be reflected in your grade. Teachers are not going to make sure you are doing your work; it is up to you to go to the teacher, or find a tutor to get help with something you do not understand. Another thing is attendance is on you as the student. The school is not going to call you and ask where you were. It is much harder in college to make up the missed work.