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Spotlight: Alina Young

Wed Feb 24, 2016 at 01:56 PM

What she’s busy doing:

BRCC student Alina Young in the Coffee CornerWhipping up cappuccinos at the Coffee Corner; decorating cakes at Dairy Queen; planning her April wedding ceremony, practicing with the Enactus competition team; studying for her Blue Ridge classes in her final semester. She’s earning an A.A.S. in College Transfer-Business Administration Specialization.

Future plans:

Transfer to Virginia Commonwealth University to study Business Administration and Fashion Design.

About the wedding:

“We’re both from Russian culture, so it’s quite the wedding, about 200 guests. I am not designing my own wedding dress!”

Fun facts:

  • Originally from Belarus, been in the United States for 10 years. Speaks English beautifully.
  • Completed an online certificate program in fashion design through a school in Italy.
  • Has a great memory for the orders of her frequent customers.
  • In her spare time, (what spare time?) she likes to paint and draw. “I like anything creative.”