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Pumpkin Painting Pals: Elizabeth Lopez and Nathaly Lara

Thu Oct 20, 2016 at 07:50 PM

Elizabeth Lopez and Nathaly LaraTaking a break from their hectic schedules, longtime friends Elizabeth Lopez, 19, and Nathaly Lara, 21, decided to join in the Pumpkin Painting Contest, sponsored by the Dream, Believe, Achieve (DBA) Club.

“I’m so stressed with classes right now, I thought going back to “fourth grade” to paint would be good stress relief,” said Elizabeth. Her pumpkin’s design theme was “Day of the Dead.”

The two met when they worked together at Burger King. They chose Blue Ridge because of its affordability and transfer options.

Elizabeth is studying Administration of Justice, while Nathaly is pursuing Respiratory Therapy.

Both young ladies enjoy the fall season for its colors and pleasant temperatures.