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New Credit Course for Fall: UMS 107-Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems Remote Pilot Ground School

Tue Jul 3, 2018 at 12:36 PM

landing a drone in classDo you own a drone and want to learn to operate it safely and legally? Blue Ridge Community College now offers a credit course that will prepare individuals to take the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Part 107 certification exam. College-owned drones will be used in the course, which is taught by FAA certified UAS pilots.

Drones are being used for many applications, including aerial photography/videography for real estate professionals, media coverage, filmmaking, agricultural purposes such monitoring crops and livestock, irrigation management, soil analysis, architecture, construction, structural inspections, search and rescue operations, fire and rescue support, and much more.

Anyone who plans to use a drone commercially (for profit) is required by the FAA to possess the 107 Certification.


For course details, contact Mark S. Fitzgerald at brfitzm@brcc.edu.

For application or registration assistance, contact Travis Messick at (540) 453-2323 or messickt@brcc.edu.