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Josette Nickerson: A Passion for POP Pilates

Tue Mar 21, 2017 at 05:25 PM

Josette NickersonCan something you hate lead you to something you’ll love? It did for Josette Nickerson. Because of her dislike of gym class in high school, Josette wanted to find a fitness activity that challenged her to compete against herself. That’s how she discovered POP Pilates, a total body, equipment-free workout to the beat of today’s popular songs.

“I fell in love with the positivity and the upbeat pop music,” says Josette. “I wanted to share that amazing feeling with other people. I wanted to show people that working out can be challenging and fun at the same time.”

So she became certified to teach POP Pilates, and now shares that passion with faculty, staff, and other students every Tuesday and Thursday at 5:15 pm at the Rec Center. She works at the Rec Center as well, learning important job skills. “What I love most about working at the Rec Center is the staff. The staff feels like family to me.”

Josette is finishing up her pre-requisites here this semester; then, she’s headed to Tidewater Community College’s Radiology program. She grew up in the Virginia Beach area, so she is looking forward to the move, but says she has enjoyed her time at BRCC.

“BRCC has such a welcoming community, and I've met so many amazing people that have taught me so many things. I've learned many life/career skills, and I've met so many people that I view as role models,” Josette says.

Her certification in POP Pilates will travel with her, as will a passion for learning. “I want to continue challenging myself,” she says. “I want to keep trying new things, stay out of my comfort zone, and I always want to keep learning.”