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Humans of BRCC

Thu Mar 31, 2016 at 04:12 PM

Humans of BRCC display in Fine Arts Center

Meet Hailey, Javin, RZ, Malachi, Lucie, and Holly….the Humans of BRCC. These individuals, along with their friends, classmates, professors, and others from the BRCC community are part of a unique presentation on display now in the BRCC Fine Arts Center.

The Humans of BRCC is part of the ongoing College QEP (Quality Enhancement Plan) initiative, and is connected to the SACS-COC reaccreditation of the institution. Humans of BRCC focuses on increasing student ability to understand the perspective of others through the creation of a project similar to the well-known Humans of New York book and website. The College uses the project to enhance students' knowledge, skills, attitudes and values necessary to relate to others from different perspectives.

One of the exhibits’ participants, Sarah, commented, “It’s kind of hard to just tell your feelings to a stranger. Even though I love the concept of HONY, it’s hard when it’s you, speaking your own feelings, instead of you reading someone else’s stories. But those stories are important to tell. So I guess it’s a good thing to do. It’s just hard to do."

The exhibit is open to the public for viewing during normal College hours, and can also be viewed online -  Humans of BRCC.