Graduate Spotlight: Eric Calvert

Mon Apr 25, 2022 at 09:35 AM

Eric Calvert

Finishing up his degree in Human Services this May, Blue Ridge Community College student, Eric Calvert knows exactly what he wants to do – transfer to earn a bachelor’s degree in social work and then work with active duty military. 

The Wilson Memorial High School grad served in the United States Army as a team leader in the infantry for several years before coming to Blue Ridge. The Human Services program at BRCC was the perfect choice according to Eric. “I enrolled at BRCC to take my first step towards the career in social work I dream of. BRCC offered me opportunities that I could not get anywhere else.”

During his time at BRCC, Eric said that the internships he completed through his Human Services coursework really helped him explore the broad field of social work. Along the way he figured out what aspects of social work he enjoyed, and what he did not. 

“I had three internships. All of them were great experience in their own right,” Eric said. “I got to work in the Virginia Community Services Board most recently. This hands-on experience working with mental health and wellness of the community was inspiring and eye-opening.”

Eric works full time as a warehouse worker in addition to being a full time a student. Dr. Robin Hawks, commented, “Eric is a great student. He is very motivated and approaches his work with purpose.”

When he’s not studying or working, Eric likes to hike and backpack camp. “Getting outside and turning off the big world around me helps me refocus and gather my thoughts,” he explained.

Eric will transfer to James Madison University this fall.