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Feeling the “Pull” of Geosciences: Kevin Andrade, Sr.

Wed Jun 28, 2017 at 05:11 PM

Kevin Andrade, Sr.

Although he started out leaning toward pursuing a Business Management degree, Kevin Andrade, Sr. finds his interests pulling him in a different direction. But that is the beauty of a Blue Ridge education: flexibility is offered along the way.

“That’s the power of choice. You can absorb the ripple effects of change,” Kevin says. “I started out with an interest in forensic accounting, but after taking some geosciences classes, I see there are so many disciplines to go into, like early warning systems for earthquakes (geophysics seismology), as an example.”

Kevin decided to start a new chapter in his working life after moving to the Valley, and attending Blue Ridge helped put a plan into motion.

“If you want to be successful, you have to plan for it,” says Kevin. “I’m focused now on being a good classmate. I enjoy being in class with a diverse group of students. Professors here are consummate professionals, conducting their classes in a manner which allows every student to contribute and succeed equally.”

Kevin’s children attend Blue Ridge as well. Being in class with his oldest son “creates a healthy competition toward high achievement,” he says with a laugh. Community college has been a smart, affordable choice for their family.

“BRCC really challenges you to do well, and that prepares you for the university. When you get there, you’re already running at that pace,” he notes. “There are very real elements of accountability, quality leadership, and teachers with impressive amounts of experience. They are silent professionals building professionals.”

After living in many places, Kevin is happy to call the Valley home. He loves the mountains and the people. “The atmosphere supports a feeling of community,” Kevin says. “There is a sampling of society that goes to school here, and that is one of the best strengths.”