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Dustin Jazwinski

Wed Aug 3, 2016 at 04:40 PM

Jazwinski family at graduationAfter becoming parents at a young age, Dustin Jazwinski and his wife, Jocelyn, had to make some tough choices, but choices that were best for their growing family. “We decided I would put her through school and work to support us and pay for her schooling,” Dustin explained. He worked at AK Steel, a steel mill in Butler, Pennsylvania, in the hot mill maintenance department and at Slippery Rock Material Gravel Mine as a plant operator and engineer.

When Jocelyn finished school and couldn’t find work in Pennsylvania as a physical therapist assistant, her job search lead them to Verona, where she accepted a position with Synergy Rehab and Wellness. Dustin found that getting a job based solely on his experience didn’t work, and decided to go back to school to pursue a degree in Mechatronics. “It (mechatronics) seemed to be the new and upcoming thing,” said Dustin of his career choice. “I chose this program because of the many jobs and the possibilities this degree could serve in so many industries and companies which were, and still are, hiring for mechanics, electricians, and technicians.”

Dustin also liked that with the mechatronics degree from BRCC, he can also further his education and pursue an engineering degree through ODU – with many of his mechatronic courses transferring for credit. Currently, he works as a 6M electrical mechanical technician at Hollister Incorporated.

“Blue Ridge provided me with a diploma that helped give me the fundamentals I needed to back up my hands-on experience. This degree also made me recognizable by many employers and gave me many options for a career path.”