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Bridge Contest

Thu Dec 3, 2015 at 09:29 AM

Computer Aided Drafting student Kyle WaldropWhat is red, made from one cubic inch of material, produced on a 3D printer, and can hold 22 kilograms? The bridge designed and created by BRCC Computer Aided Drafting student Kyle Waldrop.

Students had about two weeks to develop and perfect their designs, using SolidWorks (solid modeling CAD software) to design a bridge that could span an eight-inch gap. Each bridge was printed on the 3D printer. The contest culminated in a live showdown in the lobby of the Technology Center, with spectators ranging from the College president, to a CDL program director, to academic deans and fellow students. “Don’t sneeze,” someone in the audience yelled, as Kyle added another weight to his bridge. Some students went for “prettier” designs, but Kyle’s solid cylinder bridge was the winner. “He actually made this bridge in about 10 minutes,” said Jonathan Brumfield, assistant professor of Mechanical Design and Drafting at BRCC. “His previous design had pretty much self-destructed.”

The class, Parametric Solid Modeling II, teaches software used to design parts and assemblies using advanced parametric solid modeling, and incorporates advanced mechanical drafting techniques and building mechanical assemblies. 

The students have discussed having another contest with more complex requirements in the spring.

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